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September 9th, 2020|


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Paradise Chocolate Fest’s Evening of Chocolate, 酒 & 酿造

May 13th, 2019|

Decadent chocolate, 美酒, craft beers, and delicious entrees were bestowed upon all who attended the Chocolate, 酒 & 酿造 Gala Benefit Dinner presented by the Paradise Chocolate Fest at the Gold Country Casino Resort.  Ray Morgan Company is a proud sponsor of the 14th Annual Paradise Chocolate Fest.


RMC Offers Cybersecurity Risk 教育

May 1st, 2019|

Recently, Ray Morgan Co. hosted two Cybersecurity Management events to educate and enlighten organizations about current computer network risks. During this basic training, attendees learned of potential network threats, the global advancement of hacking and the industry’s elite processes they can implement to protect their company.

Our featured Speaker, CTO […]

RMC Employee Spotlight: John Luaces Completes the 123rd Boston Marathon!

April 19th, 2019|

RMC’s own John Luaces set out to accomplish a personal life goal to complete the 123rd  Boston Marathon on April 15th, 2019. This monumental race isn’t only the world’s oldest, but also regarded as one of the world’s most challenging marathons. Competitors come from all over the world to […]

Power Protection Facts

August 30th, 2018|

What kind of power events damage office equipment?

Destructive Surges

Caused by lightning and other catastrophic events
Range from 100V to 6000V and the duration is less than 1 millisecond
Most copier service agreements do not cover damage caused by these types of power events

Disruptive Noise

Unwanted voltage/currents […]

Surge Protectors: Proactive Reliability Guaranteed

August 23rd, 2018|

Power surges and electrical disturbances can cause damage, reducing the efficiency and reliability of digital machines. These common power problems have been found to cause lockups, software corruption, board failures, system crashes, and catastrophic equipment damage. ESP’s Digital QC Power Filter protects digital equipment before disaster strikes. Engineered with patented 阅读更多 »

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Stop Your Business from Being Part of The Daily Catch!

August 16th, 2018|


 Recieve A Free Mock Phishing Attack and Employee Training Class
Redeem at
Test Employee Willingness to Click on Suspicious Links
Provide Key Training To Reduce Risk
No Cost Training Exercise
Expires 8/31/18
Phishing attacks,
such as ransomware and email campaigns can compromise your business network, security, and data. Ray Morgan Company runs email phishing […]

Secure Website Browsing

July 26th, 2018|

The Top Browser Threats
When end users venture out onto the Internet, it’s easy to get tangled up in the vast web of threats lurking on many website pages. Some of them are readily apparent, but others are well hidden.

Malvertising—a form of malicious code that distributes malware through online advertising—can […]

Stop Your Business from Being Part of The Daily Catch!

July 25th, 2018|

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Cyber-安全 – Importance of Keeping a Clean Desk

July 9th, 2018|

It makes sense and sounds so simple, but keeping a clean desk is often overlooked when talking about cyber-security. It’s also the perfect place to start the security discussion with employees.

Employees that keep a cluttered desk tend to leave USB drives and smartphones out in the open. They also […]